Drug Courts Program
The Sandusky County Juvenile Court offers juveniles and parents two programs to assist them if they have been found to be addicted to alcohol or other drugs when they desire to maintain their sobriety. Each participant moves through three phases of the program based on the level of service needed. Adults and youths also have requirements of attending AA meetings, random drug testing, maintaining a job, attending school, and completing pro-social projects/activities.

Your Juvenile Court utilizes intensive judicial supervision in drug court, holding weekly hearings before Judge Smith for the purpose of reviewing a participant’s compliance with the drug court program.

Praise and other forms of small incentives are used by the drug court team to reward participants for their progress. Testing positive for alcohol or illegal substances may be addressed with sanctions from the Judge. Sanctions may range from an increase in the frequency of drug testing or the number of support group meetings required to be completed, to placement at the Detention Center or incarceration at the Sandusky County Jail.

A participant “graduates” from Drug Court when they have completed all required treatment and have maintained sobriety for a minimum of 4 months.

Truancy Supervision Program
The Truancy Supervision Program is a highly structured program that works with youths who are chronic truants or who have been charged with a probation violation for truancy.

Our goals are to motivate youth to attend school each day on time through weekly hearings before Judge Smith, small rewards and incentives, and sanctions which may include weekends in the Detention Center. We strive to help parents become more involved through required attendance at weekly hearings.
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